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 Jenie (left) and Dora (right)

How did the Kolka story begin?

Kolka was born out of our love of creating beautiful homes using environment friendly and sustainable methods, supporting fair-trade practices. An ethical collection of handmade home furnishings, Kolka is a celebration of artistry, glamour, poise and friendship. After spending years researching and exploring craftsmanship across several countries, we collaborated and took our friendship to a new beginning and named it Kolka.

Our collection is a fusion of the age-old Rajasthani hand block printing, weaving and dyeing techniques with motifs from the Mughal era.


What does Kolka stand for? 

Kolka, also known as the humble paisley, symbolizes the abundance and totality of life and happiness within a drop. And to be true to its meaning, our promise is to give our customers the happiness and totality of life by being in company of fresh, natural, durable and breathable products.



Kolka products  

Kolka specializes in hand block printed cotton quilts, euro shams, pillow covers, cushions, tea towels, mitts, kantha bedspreads and jute rugs. Subtle tones and occasional bursts of colour combined with timeless designs give our products versatility. Our colour scheme and patterns flow well with several interior décor styles including French provincial, Country classic, Victorian, British Colonial, Hampton, Bohemian, Traditional

Using traditional hand block printing process on pure cotton fabrics with natural dyes, and hand braiding and weaving techniques on jute fibres, Kolka home furnishings not only promise to enthral, but are every bit sustainable. Kolka products are inherently a reflection of nature and are therefore most often found in the shades of nature too. An often-used motif in our creations is ‘Kolka’ itself. Also like nature itself, it is not akin to synthetic perfection. Our products are well made to offer comfort, high durability and reassurance, where sustainability goes hand in hand with quality.


Fair working conditions for craftsmen

Kolka products are ethically handmade and traded, that not only gives back to its community but also prides in it. We at Kolka are proud to support our qualified craftsmen who have been passing on their skills and knowledge from one generation to the next. We love sharing stories of our artisans without who we won’t be here.

Our workers come from a tradition of hand block printers and weavers and are a proud part of Kolka’s existence. By buying products from our craftsmen we not only commit to the cause of their sustenance, but also contribute towards preserving an ancestral heritage.