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10 Unexpected Uses of a Kantha Fabric

Kolka kantha bedspreads are greatly desired around Australia. But not always for the reason you think 😏

You're right, cotton katha bedspreads are perfect to bring style and warmth to your bed. 

But did you know all the other uses of this versatile hand stitched and hand printed kantha fabric?

Kanthas can be used for just about anything:

  1. Kantha quilts make stunning tablecloths! (you must check out our latest insta reel of how our international client has used it as a tablecloth for her event. Looks mind blowing!)
  2. Spread it out for a picnic (leave one in your vehicle just in case)
  3. Romantic outdoor movie night banket to cozy up with your one and only
  4. Throw it on a sofa to get that extra layer and oomph to your decor
  5. Wall hanging on that large wall that has been blank for a while
  6. Toss one over a hammock
  7. Re-purpose it into pillows, bedhead or floor cushions
  8. Frame sections into wall art
  9. Have one just for babies to play on
  10. Use it as a rug in a teepee or when glamping or at home

A versatile bedspread which is good for you and the planet. Because you never know when you'll need one handy.





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