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3-6 Aug 2024 at MCEC | Doors 11-17 | Stand-1336

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Stories worth sharing

At Kolka, we celebrate the stories of our artisans. Their journeys, their heritage, and their dedication are integral to our identity. We are proud to share these narratives, showcasing the incredible talents and hard work that go into every Kolka creation. Without our artisans, Kolka wouldn't exist, and we are deeply grateful for their contributions.

Here is a short story about one of our master craftswoman Aditi (named changed for privacy)

In a small village in Rajasthan, lives Aditi, a master artisan whose life is a tapestry of age-old traditions. At Kolka, we celebrate the stories of our artisans, and Aditi’s journey is a testament to the heritage and dedication that are integral to our identity.

Aditi’s day begins before dawn. As the first rays of sunlight filter through her window, she sits in her small workshop, surrounded by vibrant dyes, wooden blocks, and delicate threads. Her hands move swiftly and elegantly with practice, bringing to life the intricate patterns that have been passed down through generations.

Aditi's grandfather, a revered hand block printer, was her first teacher. He would tell Aditi stories as they worked side by side, tales of their ancestors who perfected the art in times long past. Aditi learned to mix dyes from natural ingredients, to carve intricate designs into wooden blocks, and to stamp fabric with the precision and grace of a dancer. Her grandfather's voice still echoes in her mind as she works, a soothing reminder of the legacy she carries.

But Aditi's skills do not stop at hand block printing. She is also a master of kantha stitching, a traditional form of embroidery that transforms simple cloth into masterpieces of texture and colour. Each stitch tells a story, and Aditi often incorporates motifs from her dreams, local folklore, and the natural beauty surrounding her village. Her kantha quilts are sought after by collectors around the world, each piece a unique blend of practicality and art.

Every Kolka creation is imbued with Aditi’s spirit. Her dedication, talent, and hard work are evident in every piece that leaves her workshop. Without artisans like Aditi, Kolka wouldn’t exist. We are deeply grateful for their contributions and proud to share their incredible talents with the world.

Aditi’s life is a dance between tradition and innovation, her hands weaving the stories of her ancestors into the fabric of modern life. Through her work, she preserves the heritage of her village and brings its beauty to the global stage. At Kolka, we are honoured to be a part of her journey, celebrating her story as an integral part of our identity.



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