Wondering if cushions are worth buying?

Top 4 reasons why you should buy more cushions:

When we think of a space makeover, we look at the bigger things- curtains and window treatments, the paint palate, the rugs, the furniture plan, etc. What most people clearly miss out on are cushions. Cushions are a small part of the decor, but they go a long way in defining your space.

Here you go:

1. Add texture and a touch of colour - With earthy colours, neutrals and monochromatic reigning the home décor space, it can sometimes get overwhelmingly monotonous. Tda! A splash of colour here, and a tad bit there, and your space looks brighter already. If you want to keep the colour scheme very regulated, bring in textures to add interest and character. Again, cushions are the most convenient way of doing it.

2. Undeniable comfort - Whenever we redo a space, the aim is to improve its look, feel and functionality. Functionality means how well the space suits the purpose. So, if you have a living room that is meant to be a hangout space, it needs to be comfortable as well. That is where cushions come in. The same goes for cushions in the bedroom as well. With growing posture issues, not every piece of furniture soothes everyone’s back. Cushions provide instantly customizable comfort. You can prop one behind you, or a couple under your feet. Undeniably, they provide comfort, suited to your preferences.

3. Instant makeover - Ever felt the need to decorate according to the season, but gave up because it sounded like an overwhelming task? Well, here’s the good news ; you can use themed cushions to get an instant makeover. All you need to do is figure out your theme, say Christmas, then shop for cushions that give you that Christmassy feel, and prop them into your existing decor. Just be sure to tie in the colours on your cushions with some other bits in the room, like a wall hanging, or a bunch of roses. It is really that easy. And once Christmas is done, fold the cushion covers away, and choose your next theme!

4. Economical - Buying cushions or cushion covers does not require a huge investment. It isn’t the same as buying new bedding sets or replacing curtains all around the home. You could do a couple of cushions, or a bunch of more. There are no set rules, and it doesn’t stretch your budget either. It is a small, pocket-friendly buy that is totally worth it. Try it to know it!

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